Four Friends Help a Paralytic


Learn that Jesus can heal the sick. Learn to pray for the sick.

Memory verse:

“Arise and take up your bed and walk” Mark 2:9


Mark 2:1-12


Ask the children about their friends. Ask them to name a few. What do friends do together? Other than playing and having fun, friends can also help each other and go to church together, etc. Our story today is about some friends who were very caring and helpful.

Lesson Outline:

There once was a man who could not walk (he was a paralytic). He needed others to help him go from one place to another. It was very hard for him to live that way. He had four very caring friends who loved him and helped him. One day, his friends came and told him that he can get healed and they were very excited. He asked them how that can happen, and they told him that Jesus has arrived to their town and He is healing everyone who is sick that goes to Him. The man was happy to hear his friends say: “Let’s go and find Jesus,” and they carried him and his bed.

They found Jesus in a house teaching, but there was a little problem. There were so many people in the house and around the door. There was no place for the man to get into the house. The four friends were so caring. They really knew Jesus was the only One who can make their friend walk, so they kept on thinking of a way. Finally, they climbed up to the roof of the house. They made an opening in the roof and let their friend down with his bed using ropes, right until he was in front of Jesus.
When Jesus saw him and saw his friends helping, he told him, “Arise and take up your bed and go to your house.” The man got up and was able to walk. Jesus healed him! Everyone who saw this was amazed. The man was very happy that he can walk again. His friends that carried him were also very happy for him.


We are sure that Jesus can heal those who are sick. How can we help if we know someone who is sick? We can pray and ask Jesus to heal them. We need to pray for those who are sick and ask Jesus to heal them, because Jesus, the Son of God, can do everything and nothing is hard for Him.