Hannah’s Prayer



Learn that God hears our prayers.

Memory Verse:

“Hear my prayer, O Lord” Psalm 143:1 (NKJV)


1Samuel 1:1-27


Ask the children if they have ever seen a new born baby. How does the baby look? Mommy and Daddy are really happy when God sends them a baby.

Lesson Outline:

Hannah did not have any children and really wanted to have one. That made her very sad. She went to the temple and started praying and telling God how she was so sad. She was crying with tears as she prayed. She promised God that if He gave her a child, she would bring him to God’s house to help out and serve there.
Eli the priest saw her praying and told her to go home and not to be sad and that her prayer will be answered. God did hear Hannah’s prayer and gave her a baby boy. She named him Samuel and took him to God’s house as she promised. Hannah was very joyful and thankful and praised God.


When Hannah was sad, she went to God and prayed about it. God helped her and made her very happy. We should also do the same when we are sad. God always hears what we say and He answers our prayers. God always knows what’s best for us and gives us what we ask when it is good for us and at the right time for us. We should not forget to talk to God every morning and every night, because He loves us and loves to hear us pray. We also love talking to God, because He is our Father