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Our Mission The Good Samaritan Charity is a non-profit organization and Its mission is to fight poverty through certain programs providing humanitarian assistance to help people in need. The Good Samaritan Charity is the charity organization of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church Diocese of Scandinavian and Finland overseen under the spiritual guidance of The Episcopal […]

The Sacrament Of The Unction Of The Sick

I. Definition (1) Unction of the sick is the sacrament through which the priest anoints the body of the sick, asking for divine grace to care both body and soul.(2) The difference between this sacrament and that of penance is that the latter is administered (a) for all Christians (b) and for healing spiritual diseases; […]

The Sacrament Of Matrimony

I. Definition. The Sacrament of matrimony is the holy service through which the bridegroom and the bride are united together and given the divine grace, which sanctifies their matrimonial union, makes it perfect and spiritual like the unity of Christ and the church.This sacrament is of a very great importance, in it not only the […]

The Sacrament Of The Holy Orders

I. Definition. “Holy Orders” is the sacrament through which the clergy are ordained to celebrate the various church services.Some Protestants say that Christ did not distinguish anyone in His church, and that all the members are the same, and that there is no need for separating special persons as ministers. This is utterly wrong, because […]